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tv   KTVU Mornings Weekend Edition  FOX  September 20, 2015 7:00am-8:31am PDT

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welcome to "mornings on 2", sunday, september 20th. >> a little music for you. and a gorgeous shot of the sun peeking out of that horizon. this is the richmond san rafael area. the sun already looks hot. it's going to be a hot day in many parts of the bay area. >> it's beautiful. that subis going to be heating us up dramatically today. >> thank you for joining us. welcome to "mornings on 2". i'm claudine wong.
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>> i'm ross palombo. rosemary orozco is in the weather center. how's it looking it's going to be a scorcher. we even v a heat advisory today for most of the bay area. good morning to you. sun rose about five minutes ago, will set about 7:10 this evening. as the anchors mentioned plenty of sunshine in store for today. it's going to be hotter than yesterday by 5, even 10 degrees as we get into the afternoon. and because of that the national weather service has decided to issue a heat advisory. a reminder, drink water, stay hydrated, the sun block, keep the kids cool. it's over most of the north bay. you can see from the coast all the way to areas around sonoma county, napa county. this sliver through deltaing fairfield, vallejo and communities in between it's part of the national weather service out of sacramento. that issaquah you -- is why you don't see the advisory there. however, you will be hot too.
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as i mentioned, for most of the bay area today. as claudine mentioned a relatively mild start for many but cool for some. 48 outside your door now at half-moon bay. upper 50s in oakland. livermore 59. san jose 61. as we get into the second part of the morning, we're going to see that quick temperature rise once again, by lunchtime going to stop it here, notice that shade of red. by the noon hour, 90s already expected for your sunday. then as we get into the second half of the day the red really begins to fill in for inland cities. even shades of pink, areas like livermore expected to go above 100 today. and it's going to be tough to escape the heat, even the beaches going to be warm. i'll look at the numbers for today and then talk about the cooling trend, that starts tomorrow, coming up. new this morning -- hours
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ago a man was taken into custody following a six- hourlong standoff. it happened in san jose. it started at a home near mclaughlin avenue and albanez drive until 8:30, didn't wrap up until 2:30 this morning. this happened not far from ramblewood elementary school. here's some video. san jose police say they surrounded a house last night after a man shot into an occupied vehicle. they say they tried to call him outside but say he didn't answer so officers said they used flash bangs to get him out, then he came out. they believed he was armed. there were some evacuations but everyone is back home now. the suspect was taken to the hospital and the case is under investigation. two men shot on the highway and now this morning the search is on for the gunmen. it happened in san francisco at the 280 split near paul avenue. debora villalon has the latest.
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>> unusual here. >> reporter: it looked like a solo car accident. the mazda sedan slammed against the divider but first responders soon found it was much more than that. they both definitely suffered gunshot wounds. >> reporter: two men, both in their 20s, had been shot. one in the lower body, the other in the neck and head by someone gunning for them on the freeway. >> no idea as to what led up to the events. >> not just a crash but a crime scene, soon swarming with law enforcement and freeway closed. the victims went to the hospital, their ambulance caught in the tangle of traffic. more than an hour the 101 connector was shut down for the investigation. the two victims were conscious and moving, what they knew about their attacker or motive is unclear. >> they were already out of the vehicle, they were seated on the side of the freeway. i don't know the extent of the conversation. >> reporter: what may have looked like a road rage situation may in fact be a gang-
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related assault but could have set off a chain reaction crash. >> the driver in the victim vehicle, when shot did collide into another vehicle in front of him. >> reporter: no injuries in that minor collision but a moving target, a major freeway, and weekend travel, it all could have ended so much worse. >> gunfire anywhere, but especially on the freeway, with cars moving at speed is obviously extremely hazardous and could be lethal. >> that was debora villalon reporting. those two victims this morning are in stable condition. police say they are not cooperating with them and there's no real description yet of the suspects or their car. police are looking for any help they can get on this. if you have any information call sfpd. the valley fire is 50% contained this morning. it's ruined 74,500 acres. residents in middletown were allowed to go home yesterday. that was the first time since the fire erupted last weekend. houses built decades ago were
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wiped out in minutes and the devastation, the pictures still shocking. one resident said he knew what was waiting for him at the victorian home his family worked to restore. >> we watched our house burn on tv. which was a double-edged sword. number one you don't want to believe it. number two, you don't want to not believe it because you want to be prepared. >> residents there do first have to get a pass at the evacuation center incal stowinga. authorities are checking photo id's for other proof of address. some districts plan to stat accord tomorrow. miltown schools hope to reopen by september 28th. that district is now looking for buses for students staying outside of the area. that other monstrous wildfire burning in northern california is 70% contained.
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the butte fire burned con11 homes. now officials there say it's 67% contained. mandatory evacuation orders are now also in place in monterey county after two new fires broke out there. the biggest is the tassajara fire. it's now 10% contained. the second fire is near the highway in carmel valley burning through 95 acres, that fire is 60% contained. today is a spare the air day across the bay area. smoke from the valley fire and high temperatures are creating unhealthy air conditions. conditions in the north bay and along the coast mean people who have breathing problems should limit how much time they spend outdoors and santa clara county and east bay should cut back on how much time they exercise
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outside. the bay area quality management district is encouraging people not to use gas-powered equipment like lawnmowers. though who has a lawn anymore? or your barbecues. and take public transit instead of driving. the impressive win monday night. the 49ers then flew cross country and take on the pittsburgh steelers at 10:00 pacific time. look for them to effects employment the steelers secondary. catch the game here on ktvu. our news ends at 8:30 this morning. mark and joe will break down the 9er game and go one-on-one with joe. >> after the game join mark
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ibanez. and joe fonzi will report live from pane. >> we have you covered. pennsylvania. baltimore ravens at the coliseum, 1:00 this afternoon. eric carr will start despite his right thumb injury last sunday. since 1990 only 12% of teams started the season 0-2 have reached the playoffs. into a packed schedule for pope francis today as he gibbs his visit in cuba. how he addressed the faithful in havana including what people are saying about the pontiff. >> the arizona freeway shooting suspect now speaking out. what he has to say about being accused.
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♪ thank you for joining us on this sunday. isn't that a beautiful view of the sun on its way up? we do have near record heat in the forecast for today. i'll show you the spots that may actually tie or break a record and have the number phosyour area coming up. this morning hundreds were about to dive into the bay for charity. they were headed from angel island to tiburon but ktvu fox 2 east allie rasmus joins us now with news of a sudden cancellation for all those swimmers. what is going on? >> reporter: that's right. it's because of an unprecedented change in the current here between angel island and the golden gate bridge. they did a test run with elite swimmers -- test swim i should say. with elite swimmers. and they say it's not safe for the 600 or so average swimmers
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to be out here today for the tiburon swim. there was some disappointment in the crowd when they made the announcement. it was made about 10 minutes ago. but they said it's really for the safety of everyone. on the water here, it looks pretty calm and you couldn't have picked better weather at least above the surface of the water for this sort of event because it's going to be very warm but the current, the tide according to the race organizer was unusual strong and its not safe for most of the swimmers. still 50 elite swimmers will be in the event starting 9:30. they are people who swim professionally and competitively. the organizers feel they are strong enough to be able to handle that current but the rest of the folks out here unfortunately not. i'm going to talk to a swimmer that swam the event before. let's see if i can find her. excuse me, sir. you've swam the event -
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>> you want to go to the water? >> reporter: we're actually live here. >> hi. >> reporter: you said you've done this 15 years. there's never been a time when the current cancelled the event. it has to be really unusual. >> it is. i respect bob's decision. he's been thinking about this all day yesterday and last night. they had the elite swim yesterday and even they got a little swept. basically the currents, you can't see from the top how strong it is underneath. but it's a decision that is safe safe and the best decision to make. for people that haven't done it before especially or people doing it for fun or people that cannot swim through or beat the current. >> what kind of challenges can a strong current like that pose? >> you look up and all of a sudden you're swept 200 or 300 yards. at this point with the current swimming that way, getting pulled that way some of the swimmers may be already at the golden gate bridge by the time the kayak could maybe go over and get them.
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then you have 1,000 swimmers that are swimming a course that you don't have enough kayaks to get them all out of the water. there's no way to rescue them all or hang on to the boat. once they get into trouble. once a swimmer gets into trouble it's almost too late. you have to get them out. you don't have much time. maybe four or five minutes. >> thank you so much for that insight. this event has been going on for 15 years. this is the first time they've had to cancel it for the majority of the people who signed up. there are about 600 people who signed up. there are still 50 elite swimmers, professional, competitive swimmers from around the world who are going to be competing in this. they still will get a chance to go into the water and do this race but for the rest of the folks, a bit of a disappointment but all for safety's sake. back to you. >> very disappointing. you say hundreds of swimmers? it's a charity event. they pay about $300 apiece to be in the event. what is going to happen to the money, that is going to the
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charities? like hospice by the bay or hypertension association. do you know yet? >> reporter: well, the organizer says he's going to give a credit to all the swimmers who came out here today, who can't go in the water and can't compete. they are going to get a credit and hopefully the hope is they come back next year. >> allie rasmus, thank you so much. again, that swim cancelled today. time now 7:16. pope francis today opens his first full day in cuba before a crowd of hundreds of thousands of people. as reporter lydia zarn eit's explains he kicked off the morning mass with the cuban president raul castro. >> reporter: through fanfare and celebration pope francis arrived in havana cuba, the first person to greet him as he stepped off the plane, cuban president castro, the groundbreaking visit a clear effort by the pope to rebuild the foundation of the church there as well as strengthen u.s. and cuban relations.
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he says the process of normalization of relations between two nations after years of estrangement is a price. >> we will begin with a prayer. >> reporter: hundreds of cuban americans traveled to cuba to witness history. coming together as a family to see the pope just truly means a lot. everything that we believe in, just to see it happen here with the pope is incredible. >> it's a dream come true. >> reporter: martha sarah is battling pancreatic cancer, hasn't been to cuba since age 10. >> i know that -- the catholic church, the pope is making great strides, and this is the moment. >> a moment decades in the making, now that cuba is open to the world, pope francis, the first latin american pope must now try to fully open cuba to catholicism. well wishers in cuba lined the streets hoping to catch a
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glimpse of the pontiff. >> i love this pope. i believe in this pope. i believe the unity of the united states with cuba is a good time to make the move. >> reporter: yesterday president obama and president castro had a rare phone call regarding the pope's visit to both of their nations. the white house said both obama and castro commend the pope for being instrumental in spurring relations between the former cold war foes. tara more rater -- morearty will be traveling for the pope's visit her coverage begins tuesday. six hostages released from yemen, been there five months. the reason they were detained in the first place is still unknown this morning. we do know one is a journalist, the other at least one other, a british citizen. all on their way to oman now, after that country negotiated their release. the arizona man arrested in connection with a series of
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freeway shootings in phoenix is speaking out. leslie merritt made his first court appearance this week. >> reporter: we learned a lot in a short amount of time about leslie merritt jr. during his first court appearance this morning. prosecutors say he's a dramatic threat to their community. he appeared in court in a black and white striped jump suit and the judge posed a $1 million cash bond and advised him not to talk without talking to his attorney first. he ignored the advice and said he's not the i-10 shooter. >> the state is asking for a $1 million cash bond for the suspect. >> all i have to say is i'm the wrong guy. i tried to tell the detectives that. my gun has been in the pawn shop the last two months. i have had no access to a weapon. >> reporter: merritt was arrested in a glendale walmart friday night. they say he's forensically linked to the first four freeway shootings that started in august. a city councilman tweeting the
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department of public safety linked a 9-millimeter gun shop released to a pawn shop to the first four shootings police said they found a handgun they believe was used in the shootings. what we know about merritt, a landscaper, forefather of two, enthusiastic about guns. as for the motivation behind the shootings, unclear at this time. several local reporters caught one his father friday evening who says they've got the wrong person. >> whoever said he's the i-10 shooter is a (bleep) moron. have a good night. >> merritt now charged with numerous felonies including aggravated assault. the prosecutor said he believes it's domestic terrorism but can't charge merritt with that under current state law. it's his only link to four shootings at the time. authorities say there could be more people, more copycats out there. in los angeles, will carr, fox news. meanwhile in the bay tens of thousands of volunteers picked up tons of trash from california beaches on the 31st
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annual coastal clean-up day. crown beach and alameda was one of the 900 places targeted by crews. as usual cigarettes and cigarette butts were the most common litter picked up. other items were candy wrappers, bottle caps and fishing line. i got in my car this morning. i told someone you always know you work the morning shift, when the sun is not up, you're going to your car and you're already warm. it was like 60 something degrees. >> for the inland communities you either want to plan your morning outdoors or wait until the evening because that stretch of the afternoon is going to be really hot. >> brutal, triple digits. there yes. so much so the national weather service has issued a heat advisory for pretty much the entire bay area. if you're just joining us. that means keep in mind any prolonged outdoor activity during the hottest part of the day could actually create heat
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illnesses. giving you a beautiful look that just went away, over mount diablo and the sun is up and shining. we have a spare the air alert in place. here's a look at the comparison. so yesterday, good to moderate air quality. today we're moderate for portions of the north bay, moderate for coast and central bay. where it gets a little unhealthy, inner east bay, going up above that 100 mark on the index. and santa clara valley as well. we talked about the fires burning in the monterey county area and that helps again to create poor air quality. that is going on today into the afternoon. if you suffer from respiratory issues, if you have asthma this definitely includes you but it really includes everybody. something to be aware of. winds light and variable. ridge of high pressure still strengthening over the area and temperatures this morning are warmer than yesterday by several degrees in spots.
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here's a look at the numbers now. afternoon highs here. >> and we have some triple digits too. brentwood 102. in the south bay 96 san jose. 94 santa clara. 93 sunnyvale. along the peninsula, 95 redwood city. 90 san francisco, 80s at the coast. low 80s in areas around pacifica and half moon bay. the good news, this is the hottest day, temperatures will begin to fall as we move into monday. it's going to be a gradual cooldown for inland communities. usually how it works, right? the ones that need it most get it last. by tuesday feeling better, mid-
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80s. then low 80s on the first day of fall. >> on wednesday first day of fall. temperatures stay down then? >> i can't guarantee that. at least for a day or so. >> thank you. it is time for our "pet of the day." ross is always looking for a new friend. we introduce you to -- >> that might be him. he's a 3-year-old bulldog, with a -- the humane society of the north bay. a happy go lucky guy who just wants to kick back and relax. >> for more information about "o'leary" go to, go to the "pet of the day" section.
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the emmys are tonight. >> eyes are always on fashion. we have a take on what to expect to see on the red carpet. >> the truth is it's a wildcard here. i'm looking for those people
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that put the fashion on and really take risks. obviously i love someone in a classic dress and there's something very fabulous in old hollywood about that but i love the people that really go for it. and understand that you're showcasing your personality through your web drone choice on the red carpet. let's see who can go big or go home this year. >> not too many risks on the carpet for the emmys. not that show. tune in to the 67th annual emmy awards. tonight beginning at 5:00 and airs of course right here on ktvu fox 2, we'll be watching. 7:28, there's new numbers in this morning that show which gop candidate is ahead in the polls. there's been a big change. >> a little bit of a shocker. another controversial comment about muslims, this time not from donald trump. >> mother nature forces a change of plans for a sporting
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event in the north bay. why a charity swim for hundreds of people was suddenly cancelled this morning. get your best rest ever from sleep train. ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪
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your time now 7:30. we have a look at some of the top stories we're following this morning. two people were shot on a freeway in san francisco, are hospitalized now in stable condition. it happened yesterday afternoon on i-280 at the split to 101. authorities say two gunmen came up in a car and shot the victims who were in a mazda sedan. the mazda slammed into the divider and the shooters drove off. in the valley fire hundreds of middletown residents are getting their first look at what is left of their homes. residents are being allowed back this weekend to survey the damage. a short time ago cal fire announced that the valley fire has now burned through 75,100 acres and containment did
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increase good night, from 50% to 53%. 585 homes have been destroyed. right now pope francis is holding mass at revolution square in havana. the square is where the communist government stages its biggest rallies. pope francis is the first latin american pope and is addressing cuba in spanish. he's also expected to visit with retired leader fidel castro later today. time is 7:32. it was supposed to be a race for charity. hundreds of swimmers signed up and this morning we're out there but it's now turning into a much smaller race. >> there were some problems and ktvu fox 2 reporter allie rasmus is live in tiburon where all the details are. that race just cancelled? >> reporter: partly. cancelled for amateur swimmers. elite swimmers can still compete. 600 amateur swimmers signed up. they made the announcement at
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the top of the hour they had to cancel this for everyone safety because the currents were unusually strong. the tiburon swing usually takes people from angel island to tiburon but they did a test swim last night and it's hard to see, maybe from where we're standing. the weather couldn't be more perfect for an event like this but just below the surface of the water there's an unusually strong ebb tide that could be dangerous for swimmers, it could take them all the way to the golden gate bridge before kayakers and other rescues could get to them. that's why they canned of cancelled the event. it must have been a difficult call to make. >> we went into the wee hours of the night looking into the possibilities. safety is the primary concern. it's my responsibility and we worked with experts regarding the tide. it was conclusive it's very
7:34 am
challenging for your average swimmer. professional swimmers, elite swimmers are going to race today. i'm not concerned about them in terms of their ability to complete this but for the rest i was concerned. so we had to cancel it for the others. >> reporter: for elite swimmers, should be still a pretty good show. >> it's $10,000 each for male and female and it's the most competitive race in the world. we have the best pool swimmers, open water swimmers. a silver medalist is here. a world champion, who just won three weeks ago in russia. our first olympic candidate that qualified for the olympic swimming team. so the competition is steep. we have five our six women and five or six men, any one of them could win. >> reporter: and there are several charities participating? >> yes, hypertension charity. and hospice by the bay. we've raised $4.5 million since
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we started this in 1999. a young man was paralyzed a year and-a-half ago and we are raising money for him as well. this is a platform to raise money for the various charities i talked about. >> reporter: people who sign up can still get a credit if they want it. and you could reschedule it even as soon as next month? >> the next time we do the race, people that showed up today, that showed up to sign up to be in the race will get a credit towards the next one. that is correct. >> reporter: thank you. founder and organizer of the tiburon swim. the event was cancelled for the amateur swimmers, about 600 signed up but the elite swimmers will still get a chance to compete for the $2,500 prize. back to you. >> i think it surprises people, when you talk about the safety. every time the camera pans over to the water how it looks like glass out there. and really how different it is under the surface. are the swimmers you're talking to, the people who are going to participate? are they taking it in stride? >> reporter: they are.
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everyone here has been pretty good about it. they've said we're disappointed obviously but we understand that safety comes first. and we appreciate that the organizers were willing to make that call for our safety. seems to be the consensus. thank you. we want to show you the front gate of the chris brown concert, the concord pavilion. there were eight ambulances that came, but no one was transported. no word yet on why they were called. several nearby shopping centers were shut down as all that traffic was leaving the city. a benesia family is missing after their fire at their cabin outside of auburn. the family went missing last
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weekend. it's not exactly known when the fire happened, investigators are still looking into a cause. new this morning, the gop poll now shows that donald trump came out the victor in last week's debate. the cnn poll shows that trump led the pack with 24% followed by fiorina at 15%. then ben carson at 14%. also new this morning, ben carson said that he doesn't believe a muslim should be president of the united states. he called islam antithetical to the constitution and said a president's faith does matter. this comes after donald trump's controversial comments and he's now defending the way he handled or didn't handle that, after a muslim comment came at one of his rallies. >> we have training camps growing where they want to kill us. >> mm-hmm. >> that is my question, when can we get rid of them? >> we're going to be looking at a lot of different things. >> the man said president obama
7:38 am
was a muslim and donald trump didn't correct him. now the trump campaign is saying he didn't hear the man's question. at an iowa campaign event. he also said he has no obligation to defend the president. happening today -- switching gears -- 7:37. let's talk about the alternative to the eat real festival in oakland. >> let's check in with rosemary orozco, she's up on the roof with some special guests. with the town eats event. >> reporter: yes. we're going to get to that in a moment. my question for you two, have you ever grilled octopus? >> no. >> i have actually. >> you have? wow. >> it's hard because you don't want to overgrill it or it becomes really super tough. >> we have grilled octopus with thai butter beans and cherry tomatoes, a little house made pancetta and toasted garlic. >> reporter: i have the chef craig with me. i have chris pastini.
7:39 am
and your restaurant is at jack london square? >> yes, on the waterfront at 1 broadway. >> reporter: the eat real festival is this weekend. chris actually created his own three-day event to sort of keep your business going strong through the weekend as well. >> yes. we decided to do a little local festival with a few of our friends who have restaurants and have some retail outlet's like oaklandish. and we just kind of took over our patio and doing small bites of food. to kind of be a part of the eat real festival and do our own little town eats festival. >> great idea. we'll have information on that coming up in a little bit. we're going to show you how to prepare this octopus. put it in a tasty salad? >> yes, a little anti-pasta, yes. >> reporter: in the meantime we have weather to talk about. it will be another warm day. plenty of sunshine overhead now. temperatures already beginning to warm up, in fact it's already warm now. >> beautiful now. >> beautiful now.
7:40 am
>> reporter: we have temperatures in the 60s. as we get into the second half of the day 80s at the coast. 90s around the bay. and 100 degrees for some of the hotter spots for the afternoon. in fact areas like livermore very close to maybe tying a record or even breaking a record. the good news is the heat will peak today, temperatures begin to fall tomorrow. i'll have a look at that extended forecast coming up in a little bit. and again we'll be coming back up here in the next half-hour and we'll give you a new recipe to try perhaps. for your afternoon because it will be definitely a good day to be cooking outdoors and not inside. >> being outdoors today would be great. >> chris, see you in a bit. back to you. >> bring some of it when it's finished. looks good. >> thank you. your time now 7:40. "mornings on 2" will be back.
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♪ some way long jennings this morning. >> we found a lone cow. he's like leave me alone. i'm trying to eat grass who are what is left of it. this is a picture from eastbound highway 4. contra costa county, headed over to antioch and brentwood with the temperatures that will be booming today. this may be closer to martinez, you see the refineries there. it's going to be a hot one today. >> one cow is in trouble. >> one cow. spare the air. make sure that if you want to go for a run or jog now might be the time.
7:44 am
7:43. southern california officials determined a robbery suspect was struck by gunfire from a sheriff's helicopter. the man was a suspect in a home invasion robbery and was chased by deputies. the driver started to go 100 miles per hour, the wrong way on the freeway. when the deputy in the hospital fired the suspect jumped out of his suv which crashed head on into another vehicle. the suspect collapsed and died. the sheriff's office is not saying what killed them. not until an autopsy has been performed. this morning we're just hearing that best-selling author jackie collins has died. she told more than 500 million novels around the world focusing on scandals and glamour in hollywood. her family says she died of breast cancer at the age of 77. "people" magazine reports collins only told her daughters about her illness, no one else knew. actress joan collins, jackie's oldest sister says she only found out two weeks ago herself
7:45 am
fuge arrangements haven't yet been announced. funeral. 15 new american citizens waking up in the bay area today. they became naturalized citizens at ceremonies yesterday. angel island processed nearly one million immigrants coming to the country between 1910 and 1940. many of the immigrants came from china. good morning new americans. a great place to do that. >> a lot of history there. >> the weather was good there. it was hot, nowhere near as hot as it's going to be today. >> we're going to be baking. it's actually inland and it's actually going to be tough too. to beat the heat today, because from the coast and in and around the bay and inland it's going to be a warm one. from 80s at the coast. we have 90s around the bay and again our inland communities going to really be scorching hot. we're going above 100 degrees for some, giving you a live look there over mount diablo and with the very dry hot weather in place we have elevated fire danger as well.
7:46 am
so warmer for today, today's actually going to be the warmest day. if you just can't stand the heat today's going to be the hottest day and we begin to see temperatures go up jaryls monday. it's going to be warm, sunny. a spare the air alert for today. there's also a heat advisory by the national weather service. just a reminder to take it easy and stay hydrated. keep an eye on the little ones, as we all know don't leave pets or your children in the car when it's warm out like it is going to be today. it's going to be a nice beach day. upper 70s to mid-80s. pacifica, half-moon bay and even hotter in santa cruz. low 90s today. just a reminder, again, we have the rip currents and risk of the sneaker waves that continue for today as well. 98 novato this afternoon. 100 for st. helena. sausalito, by the waterfront, it's going to be warm, 90 for
7:47 am
sausalito, tiburon. san rafael close to 100. 93 oakland and hayward. 100 in danville. 102 antioch. 102 brentwood. san jose going to 96. 99 los gatos and 99 morgan hill. gilroy will hit the century mark for the second half of the afternoon there. 93 santa cruz. if you're hanging out by the water. 95 redwood city. 90 san bruno and even san francisco getting in on the big heatup, 90 expected for the downtown area. the extended forecast here, with the second half of the weekend in view, again, temperatures hottest today, falling off tomorrow. 99 degrees, that is not necessarily a cooldown but -- >> for us it is. >> sure. >> it's going to be a gradual one. that sea breeze turns on, the coast gets it first. next the bay. then our inland cities definitely beginning to feel it. by tuesday. fall on wednesday and temperatures will continue to
7:48 am
go up. the giants have been feeling the heat. the chances now the giants repeating the world series champs are all but over. i have to be the one to give the bad news, right? the giants needed to beat the arizona diamondbacks this weekend but instead they've been shut out in the first two games, lost 6-0 yesterday. mike lee gave up eight runs and three hits in three innings of work. he's only won one of his seven starts and traded from cincinnati to the giants in late july. giants trail the dodgers with eight and-a-half games with only 14 games left. there's not much left for as fans now september to see when barry zito returns to the mound. the as took a 6-3 lead in the fifth but problems for houston astros. they scored seven unanswered runs to beat the as 10 elevator 6. we're learning this morning that vinyl is making a
7:49 am
comeback. more than 13 million vinyl albums sold last year in the u.s., the highest number we've had in decades. the few remaining vinyl makers are trying to capitalize on the trend among young buyers. discovering vinyl for the first time. doug kennedy has their story. >> ty siegel, a solo garage punk act. >> reporter: 17-year-old joe rogers is a trendsetter at hastings high school in new york. always up on the newest gadgets. and always sporting the hippest outfits. but when it comes to listening to music, joe is old-school. surprisingly you prefer a vinyl record to digital music. >> yes. in this digital age a record is tangible, you can hold it. >> reporter: rogers' retrogroup seems to be a trend in itself. in the first quarter of 2015 vinyl record sales were up by more than 50% and by more than 250% from five years ago. >> even if a vinyl has been
7:50 am
played a lot or has scruffs on it, it gives a warm feeling to it. >> reporter: a vinyl re1r50eu68 that puts a smile on a face of longtime lp fan mike repp. in the 1990s, cd's were supposed to wipe out vinyl. then digital music 10 years later was supposed to totally kill it. what happened? >> well, a lot of the younger people, tapping into vinyl for -- because it's kinds of retroand cool but also they have a tangible object. >> reporter: he owns clockwork records in hastings, started in 2013, with the hope of keeping alive old vinyl favorites like abbey road and dark side of the moon. shockingly half of vinyl sales are coming from new artists like taylor swift and others. >> right. because the record companies and artists themselves know that vinyl is strong. >> reporter: a format rogers predicts will keep right on spinning, despite the ease of
7:51 am
digital downloads. >> a record is like a package of art work. it has the music that the band made and also they put time into the lyric sheets and time into the cover artwork. and you can have that with you. >> reporter: have it with you and it will never be lost in a power surge. in hastings, new york, douglas kennedy, fox news. it's day two of the 20th annual kaiser permanente san francisco dragon boat races and festival. such a colorful and fun race. this was the scene yesterday morning. organizer expect 140 teens from the u.s. and canada with more than 4,000 competitors. big group. there are martial arts exhibitions onshore. admission is free. >> they are moving fast. i have a premonition.
7:52 am
>> a premonition? >> a premonition that new fox show "minority report" about seeing future murders is going to be a big hit. >> we talk to one of the new stars of the show.
7:53 am
it took joel silverman years to become a master dog trainer. but only a few commands to master depositing checks at chase atms. technology designed for you. so you can easily master the way you bank.
7:54 am
it's something you don't want to see during record drought, really any time but
7:55 am
especially now. witnesses say a truck rolled over a fire hydrant yesterday in vallejo, the driver parked the vehicle but somehow it slid and went over that fire hydrant causing that water gushing. it gush was shut off a -- was shut off a short time later. impressive wins on the road. >> back to the coliseum. trojans taking the field. >> it was a disappointing night for the star of anchorman, stanford hogan, running back wright carried 11 times. three were touchdowns, stanford pulled off a huge upset 41-31. cal went to austin, texas
7:56 am
to face the university of texas longhorns. derek threw for 260 yards and three touchdowns, probably the fastest player on the team. mohammed broke free for that 74- yard touchdown. you're not catching him. after cal took a three touchdown lead in the third texans up, they had tied the game at the end and then this happened, cal fans very, very excited this happened. nick rose missed extra points and cal got the 45-44 victory. keeping it exciting to the end. premonitions, crime scenes and lots of suspense. some of what you're going to see in a new tv show coming to fox. i talked to stark fans who stars in minority report and he's looking into the future for us. >> it's not just a continuation of the movie. this actually takes place in the future from where we left off? >> yes, 10 years after the
7:57 am
events of the film. so the world of the -- precrime program and police department has been disbanded and i play one of those three psychics from the movie who is now living off -- on his own off the grid in washington, dc. >> the whole idea of precrime has changed a little bit, right? no longer are they looking for people that they think are going to commit crimes, that dynamic has changed somewhat. can you explain that? >> at the end of the fliment they realize that the psychics weren't always agreeing on the murders that they were seeing. so they killed the program. but it doesn't stop me from seeing these murder visions. so i'm driven to stop them. so instead of working for the police department officially i team up with a detective on the sly. we do it under the radar because i can't stop seeing the visions, i don't get to control that and she wants to stop murders before they happen instead of cleaning up after they've occurred. it's a futuristic crime
7:58 am
thriller with an odd couple twist. i think if you're a fan of police proceed orals you will like the show. if you're a fan of episodic southeasterlialized story telling you'll love this show. it's about characters, deep character development and also set in the future it's interesting to watch on very many levels. >> you can watch "minority report" right here on ktvu, airs tomorrow night at 9:00. 7:58. "mornings on 2" will be right back.
7:59 am
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8:00 am
a suspect holed up in the house in the sow bay for six hours. what led to the standoff and how police finally drew him out? >> and residents heading home
8:01 am
after the fire. police are taking steps to make sure they are the only ones getting in. good morning. thank you for joining us. it's sunday, september 20th. i'm ross palombo. >> good morning, i'm claudine wong. it's been a warm weekend so far. pretty hot last night. how are we looking for the rest of our sunday? rosemary is checking it out. >> reporter: hot, hot, hot. >> already hot there? >> reporter: it is, the sun is shining, i need the sunblock and shades. it's already getting warm. temperatures climbing fairly quickly and chances are outside your door as well. we're looking at some bigtime heatup coming our way. first i want to say happy birthday to my weather mascot mateo turning 1 today. isn't he cute? love the curious george t- shirt. temperatures are going to reach
8:02 am
or exceed 100 for inland communities today. even nearing records in areas like livermore, san rafael. you will get close as well. going into the upper 90s in your neighborhood. a lot of 90s around the bay. san francisco, you're expected to hit 90 for the afternoon. and the only place to perhaps escape the heat, along the coast. pacifica, half-moon bay, low 80s but santa cruz going to be in the 90s as well. we have temperatures peeking for the afternoon. then a cooldown coming our way which is great news. if you are going to be out and about for today maybe you don't want to be in the house or cooking in the house, i've got a fresh idea for you. i have the chef from lugo mar with me. we gave you a sneak peek in the last half-hour. what are you cooking in the next 10 minutes? >> doing grilled baby octopus with italian butter beans and cherry tomatoes. >> reporter: a big part of cooking or grilling octopus is the preparation.
8:03 am
so you're going to give us a little bit of a -- information and give us the secrets to doing that? >> yes. >> thank you. by the way, birthday boy, another birthday boy. happy birthday to you. >> thank you. >> reporter: working on his birthday. when we come back, we'll put it together. i'm sure it will be tasty. >> tell craig happy birthday and it looks great already. >> thank you. >> thank you. the annual charity swim will be smaller than year's past. >> about an hour ago most of the reg -- registered swimmers were told they would not be allowed to do the swim. allie rasmus is at the ferry with those who will be allowed to start. >> reporter: the event is the tiburon swim, about 600 amateur swimmers had signed up for this charity event. at 7:00 this morning the organizers said that the event for the amateur swimmers was cancelled because of currents
8:04 am
between angel island and out in the bay. tip -- in tiburon, the currents were too strong. it's been going on 16 years and this is the first time they've had to cancel it because of unusually strong currents. you can see folks there. among them are about 50 elite swimmers. the elite swimmers, people who swim competitively, they will still be able to take part in this event. there's about 50 of them. any minute now we expect them to make their way here to this ferry, behind us and this ferry will take them to angel island where they will start to race. people on the shore will be able to still watch it this morning. we talked to the race founder and organizers who explained why they had to make the call to cancel it for the amateur swimmers >> it was heartwrenching. we spent a lot of hours yesterday talking about this, talking about the possibilities of what we could do, what would work and what won't work. i have to let you know, safety is the primary concern for all the racers. that's my responsibility.
8:05 am
>> reporter: a lot of the amateur swimmers were taking it in stride. a lot of folks we talked to say they were obviously disappointed they couldn't take part in the event they trained for, looked forward to but understand that safety is first. looking out here on the bay, they couldn't have picked a better day weatherwise at least for this sort of event. skies totally clear, no fog, it's supposed to be warm today. the water looks pretty placid, pretty calm but under the surface, again, there are pretty strong currents and that is why they made the call to cancel it for all but the elite competitive swimmers, there's about 50 of them getting on the ferry any minute now. the event is a charity swim. it does benefit two organizationses hospice by the bay and the pulmonary hypertension association. the organizer says those two charities will still get all the money they fundraised for. they are talking about rescheduling the event for the amateur swimmers possibly as soon as next month. that is still in the works,
8:06 am
they are still trying to figure it out but wouldn't rule out the possibility that they can be out here again doing the swim with all the folks who had to turn around and go home today, sometime next month. they are making alternate plans to reschedule this. back to you. >> what do the amateur swimmers have to say? do they just leave are or they cheering on the pros right now? >> reporter: some people are saying to watch the elite swimmers that will be coming from angel island to tiburon but they also have some food and some music set up, that they were going to have for all the folks who were going to be finishing the race. they still have the tents and the organizers say everyone can get a free lunch even if you didn't swim in this event because of the cancellation. they are still planning on a celebratory atmosphere here. >> it's hard. i know they trained so hard for that. the amateurs, not just the elites. certainly safety first. thank you so much. 8:06. new this morning, just hours
8:07 am
ago a man was taken into custody, followed a six- hourlong standoff in san jose. here's a map, this started near mclaughlin avenue and abernath drive 8:30 last night wrapped up 2:30 this morning. not far from ramblewood elementary school. and last night san jose police said they surrounded a house after a man shot into an occupied vehicle. they say they tried to get him to come outside but when he didn't officers used flash bangs to finally draw him out. they did believe he was armt, it's still unclear if police uncovered a weapon. there were some evacuations but residents have since been allowed back in their homes. the suspect was taken to the hospital and this case is under investigation. in san francisco two men shot in a busy freeway and this morning police are still on the hunt for the gunman. the attack happened on 280 at highway 101. police say two men drove up in a mazda sasedan and just opened fire, both victims are men in
8:08 am
their 20s. one was shot in the head and neck area. the other victim was shot in the leg. however they are expected to survive. they are at san francisco general this morning listed in stable condition. >> gunfire anywhere but especially on the freeway with cars moving at the speeds is obviously extremely hazardous and can be lethal. >> investigators say what looked like a possible case of road rage may actually be gang related. the victims though are not providing much help to police yet. but the getaway car is described as an older white sedan. the suspect in a series of phoenix freeway shootings made his first appearance in court yesterday. 21-year-old landscaper leslie merritt jr. was arrested after trying to sell a gun that mamped the shootings at a pawn shop on friday. but he says they've got the wrong guy. >> i'm the wrong guy. i tried telling the detectives that. my gun has been in the pawn shop for the last two months. i haven't even had access to a
8:09 am
weapon. >> merritt now faces a range of charges, including criminal endangerment, assault and unlawful discharge of a firearm. the four shootings that police say he committed include hitting a tour bus, suv and two cars, all of them on i-10, fortunately no one was injured. our continuing coverage of the valley fire now. it's killed three people, torchedz more than 74,000 acres. it's 50% contained this morning. residents of hard-hit middletown were allowed back home yesterday. it was the first time back since the fire erupted last weekend. houses built decades ago wiped out in minutes. one resident said he knew what was waiting for him at the victorian home his family worked to restore. >> we got to watch our house burn on tv. which -- was a double-edged sword. number one you don't want to believe it. number two you don't want to not believe it because you want to be prepared. >> to go back to middletown residents do first have to obtain a pink pass at the
8:10 am
evacuation center in calistoga. authorities are screening residents, checking photo id's and other documentation for proof of actress. and other districts are planning to start tomorrow. schools in the harder hit middletown hope to reopen by september 28th. that district is now looking for buses for students who are staying outside of the area. mandatory evacuation orders remain in place this morning after two wildfires broke out in monterey county. the biggest one is the tassahara fire that started yesterday afternoon it happened north of jamesburg about an hour south of monterey and carmel. right now cal fire says it's 1,200 acres, 10% contained. the second wildfire is along the highway in carmel valley, that broke out around the same time. it's burned through 95 acres and is now this morning 60% contained. we're getting a clearer picture of the devastation caused by the butte fire in amia dour andcal veryas county
8:11 am
-- calaveras counties. it's 70% contained but it's already destroyed 850 buildings including 511 homes. 6,400 structures are still being threatened. today's the spare the air day across the bay area. folks in the valley fire, there's unhealthy conditions. folks who have wreathing problems should limit how much time they spend outdoors. breathing. and maybe today's not the day to exercise outside. it's the eighth spare the air day of the season. the district is urging people not to use gas-powered equipment or barbecues and use public transit instead of driving. tens of thousands of volunteers picked up tons of trash on california beaches on the first annual coastal clean- up. as usual cigarettes and cigarette butts were the most
8:12 am
common type of litter picked up. some of the other items though that were found, candy wrappers, bottle caps and fishing lines. volunteers say that they take pride in making the beaches cleaner and safer. >> to help clean up the earth and take care of our community where we live and to just be a part of nature and to be outside and helping the world be a greener place. >> volunteers were picking up trash in 54 of the state's 58 counties. that include the picking up garbage near creeks, rivers and lakes. final numbers on how much trash was carried away will be announced later this week. still ahead -- the first day in havana for the pope. >> and trump is making headlines again. what has him in hot water?
8:13 am
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♪ >> a beautiful look at treasure island. welcome back to "mornings on 2". sunday, september 20th. >> it looks gorgeous, but you can also see that haze that tells you it's also very hot. a beautiful day outside though. maybe the chance to bring out the grill. maybe a propane -- not the propane tank. it's a spare the air day. rosemary is on the roof today.
8:15 am
>> how's that grilling going? >> reporter: guess what i named him? >> you named your food? >> ross? >> yes, isn't that cute? that's going to be the one to eat up. >> reporter: we have lugo 34á are and chef craig with us. he's giving us the inside inscoop on how to prepare octopus. tell me for folks at home how do you prepare this? >> octopus, first you want to coat it in some salt. then you want to tenderize it with a meat tend -- tenderizer . then resistance off the salt and throw it on the grill, with the larger octopus you want to rinse off the salt and braze it for three hours in the oven for
8:16 am
-- with tomatoes and beans and some stock if you have it. until it breaks down. >> reporter: what is the key to making sure that it's not chewy when you're finished? >> the salt tenderizing, then the long and slow -- cooking time. long and slow cooking time. >> reporter: this has a kick. >> we have a little chili, toasted garlic, heirloom cherry tomatoes, white wine, salt and garnish it with the water cress. >> reporter: this is actually on the menu? >> yes. it is. some good tuscan olive oil. and there you go. >> reporter: wow. that is really good. i'm going to bring in chris. one of the owners. or the owner at lugo mare. you have a three-day event going on. we've been promoting the eat
8:17 am
real fest at jack london square. that is a big deal. that is all great but you know, it can create a hardship for the restaurants that are there? established and still up and running. >> reporter: everyone is coming to the east real festival to eat. the restaurants, in our dining rooms, not a lot of people are coming through and there's parking issues. so our regular customers are -- staying away from jack london square for the weekend. so we decided to do a little, like, kind of side festival, that kind of -- fits in the same model with eat real but we wanted to bring in local restaurants. we have haven with us, chop bar, one of my other restaurants, chow house, and alomar, with a pig roast competition that we did yesterday and today just small bites for everyone to enjoy. >> reporter: we talked about this when i ran into you. you said we have a live deejay, a pig roast. that apparently went really well. >> people love pig. >> reporter: today's the final day of the event and you're
8:18 am
bringing in local places to be a the your restaurant and serve food? >> yes, serving food until 5:00 today. >> reporter: it's a great idea and again the anchors have the information. when i send it back to you. look at this, how long will this stay on the menu? >> reporter: this basically stays on the menu all year round. we may change it up a little. when tomatoes are not in season, we'll replace the totalouts with something else -- tomatoes with something else, it's always on the menu. we're on the waterfront in oakland so it's a perfect dish for us. >> reporter: i'll try to save some. but wow, it's really good. in the meanwhile back to you. >> brick it on now. >> reporter: i don't know. >> sharing is caring. >> reporter: maybe. >> claudine was skeptical but now sees it and it looks good? >> i know, i want some. come on rosemary, you can share with me. >> reporter: ok, i'll save you a bite. >> thank you. right now it's a party atmosphere at a special papal
8:19 am
mass. >> pope francis is celebrating sunday mass in front of tens of thousands of people. the event is meant to be as symbolic as it is inspirational. it's being held at havana's revolution square. later today the pontiff is expected to meet with fidel castro. our correspondent reports on the historic visit to cuba. >> reporter: through fanfare and celebration pope francis arrived in havana cuba's -- the first person to greet him as he stepped off the plane, cuban president raul castro, the groundbreaking visit a clear effort by the pope to rebuild the foundation of the church there as well as strengthen u.s. and cuban relations. he said the process of normalization of relations between the two nations after years of estrangement is a
8:20 am
price. it's a sign of the victory of the culture of dialogue. >> all's well that ends well, with a prayer. >> reporter:hands of americans travel to cuba to witness history. >> coming together as a family to see the pope truly means a lot. everything we believe in, just to see it with the pope is incredible. >> a dream come true. >> reporter: martha sarah is battling pancreatic cancer, and hasn't been to cuba since age 10. >> i know that the catholic church is make great strides and this was the moment. >> reporter: a moment decades in the making. now that cuba is open to the world, pope francis, the first latin american pope must try to fully open cuba to catholicism. well wishers in cuba lined the streets hoping to catch a glimpse of the pontiff. >> i love this pope. i believe in this pope. i believe that this is -- the unity of the united states with cuba is time.
8:21 am
>> reporter: yesterday obama and castro had a rare phone call regarding the pope's visit to both nations. the white house said both obama and castro commend the pope for being instrumental in thawing relations between the former cold war foes. >> that was lydia sirani reports. tara moriarty will also travel to washington to cover pope francis's visit. her live coverage starts tuesday. u.s. secretary of state john kerry says russia's military movements in syria could pose a serious threat. carey made the comments after meeting with the british foreign secretary. the two also talked about the migrants and refugee crisis in europe. the secretary of state reminded everyone this ongoing violence in syria is the cause. >> we talked about a number of ideas that we have for how to use this moment where russia appears to be more committed to doing more against isil, to find ways to move towards the
8:22 am
political settlement. that's the objective >> kerry and hammond say they welcome the help of any other country including iran to help end the refugee crisis. congress has five legislative days until the federal government runs out of money and planned parenthood is at the center of the budget debate. some are adamant that removing the funding should be part of any budget bill. >> harvesting the parts has become a political issue? it's a act that is repulsive, has no place in america and taxpayers refuse to pay for that. >> president obama had vowed to veto any bill, budget or otherwise attacking planned parenthood and if no budget resolution is passed by the end of the month the standoff could lead to a government shutdown. new this morning the new republican poll shows donald trump came out the victor in
8:23 am
last week's debate. the poll by cnn shows trump led the pack by 24% followed by fiorina at 15% and dr. ben carson at 14%. republican presidential frontprunner donald trump is continuing to defend his decision not to correct a questioner at a recent town hall event who incorrectly stated that president barack obama is muslim. speaking to more than 1,000 conservative republicans in des moines trump says he's not obligated to defend the president. >> am i morally obligated to defend the president every time somebody says something bad or controversial about him? i don't think so. right? all right. so that took care of one. it gets better. then i said if somebody made nasty statements or controversial statements about me to the president, do you think he would come to my rescue? i say -- no chance. no chance. >> also knew -- new this
8:24 am
morning ben carson says islam is antithetical to the constitution. he made those comments on meet the press. still ahead -- it's emmy night here on ktvu fox 2. >> up next. sneak peek at the show and what everyone's wearing.
8:25 am
8:26 am
i like the ones that take risks. obviously i like a classic dress and there's something fabulous and oldhole about that but i really love the people that go for it and understand you're showcasing your personality through your wardrobe on the red carpet. let's see who can go big or go home this year. >> tune in to see who is going big or going home to the 67th annual emmy awards. tonight beginning at 5:00, airs
8:27 am
here on ktvu fox 2 but we have football first. up next, mercedes benz sports weekend show followed by fox nfl sunday at 9:00, 10:00 the 49ers against the pittsburgh steelers. after that the point after with mark ybanez. joe fonzi will report from heinz field in pittsburgh. heinz field in pittsburgh. we didn't mention this last week. rosemary dragged us into the dodgeball. >> i did, i admit it. >> we had a lot of fun though. >> we should mention this was part of a charity dodgeball game that helped the schools out. let's show you the video.
8:28 am
>> rosemary came one a name -- they were holding the trophy before it was given to us. i came with up with any place but the face. that was my slogan. >> hot today, temperatures begin to fall off tomorrow. >> thank you for joining us. have a great day.
8:29 am
8:30 am
we have a game. the test now awaiting. the pittsburgh steelers. >> expectations high and the result was a dismal opener for the raiders. can they get win number one at home against baltimore? >> i just wish, it says that everyone could have one, at least one time, the play on sunday afternoon. win or lose -- >> we go gun-on-one with the guy -- one-on-one


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